After The Interview: Waiting To Hear Back

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When John Rathman applied for a budtender job in October, he had no idea it would almost a month after the interview to hear back from the hiring manager. After three weeks, a phone call came to invite him to his first interview. A second was scheduled within a day after his interview. Rathman was […]

Interview Question: Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

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Interview Question: Do You Have Any Questions For Me? Why Should I Work For You? AT THE INTERVIEW You got the elusive interview at the dispensary. You polished your resume. You dressed nice, and remembered the tiny details. You arrived on time. You’re sitting in front of the one persona that’s standing between you and […]

How Do You Distribute Your Resume To Potential Employers?

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Do you want to start a job search, but aren’t sure how to distribute your resume to cannabis employers?  How you apply for jobs depends on the type of position you are seeking, and how the company accepts submissions. At many employers, you’ll be able to apply online or email your resume. With others, especially for […]

5 Social Media Donts If You Want to Work in a Dispensary


Social media is a fun way to interact with your friends and family. But as much as you may like to put yourself out there, it can be easy to forget social media accounts are public. Cannabis job seekers are passionate about the industry, and can easily get excited about topics that matter to them. Be careful […]

Have a Marijuana Job Interview? Rethink Your Approach


Marijuana Job Interview Preparation Preparing for a marijuana job interview is much like preparing for a typical job, with a few important differences. The dispensary interview process can often seem an challenge that can turn you off applying in the first place. But that should not stop you from pursuing your cannabis ambitions. Not every marijuana job is advertised. You must keep your ear […]

Prepare Your Family For Your Dispensary Job

Families are the foundation for thriving civilizations, and strong communities are built by strong marriages. Consequently, working professionals need to challenge themselves to provide a more holistic approach for their lives.

Are You Too Private to be a Budtender?

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Are You Too Private to be a Budtender? The truth is a large number of jobs in the cannabis industry are public service jobs–reception, cashier, budtender.

Online Cannabis Courses

Consider Online Cannabis Courses If you’re a medical marijuana patient or you want to develop the skills and knowledge that can prepare you to work in the cannabis industry, Staff MMJ can help. We can refer you to budtending courses, concentrates courses, continuing education, professional development and hiring support, as well as certification programs. Build the skills […]

Benefits of hiring a resume writer

A good resume is a great way to stand out in a sea of applicants and land that interview. Work with a professional resume writer to create a new resume that grabs the attention of hiring managers. Our resume writers have personal experience working in the cannabis industry. They understand current hiring trends and best […]