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Cornucopia Infusions

Cornucopia Infusions was founded in 2014 in compliance with the Arizona Department of Health Services act.  Since inception all of our products are made from scratch using high-quality ingredients. We have developed our recipes and are constantly looking for ways to compliment the properties of cannabis. Our chefs spend extra time and care in each of our products – for instance, our nuts in products are hand chopped and oven roasted to insure we preserve the essential nut oil. We use the highest quality Belgium Chocolates.  We use fresh eggs and real butter. We carefully homogenize all our recipes to insure medication throughout. New and inventive ideas are part of our company culture.  Our menu of 60+ items is ever-changing to support patients who have varying medical needs and budgets.    Our full menu is available for you to view at . All of our oil is tested at an independent lab prior to use in a recipe. It is the only way to determine proper dosing. We also spot test finished product to insure consistency. To provide accuracy in reporting, we use the same lab in each of these steps.

We are seeking candidates who want to serve the needs of patients, support the dispensaries in achieving their goals and help us to create a company founded on the core beliefs that helping our community helps us.

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