Businesses and corporations can support Staff MMJ’s vision and create a better work environment by encouraging employees to contribute their time and expertise to support fundamental skill-set standardization for industry entry. Employee participation enriches team morale and engages as increased productivity, retention and enriched workplace skills.

Staff MMJ will work with your company to identify unique opportunities for employees and job candidates to connect to Staff MMJ’s mission while supporting your marketing and public relations strategy.

Opportunities may include on-site events such Staff MMJ’s signature events such as job fairs, live classes, mock interviews, and on-camera opportunities. Staff MMJ also connects its members to conferences, trade shows, expos, rallies, field trips, lunch and learn programs, industry appreciation gatherings, luncheons, and other programs that leverage employee skills.

For example, Staff MMJ is a proud partner of  Marijuana Industry Trade Association and Southwest Cannabis Conference Expo, two companies which host exciting events for industry professionals. Staff MMJ’s curators serve on the Arizona NORML Board of Directors which works with the community to inform and educate the community about marijuana reform.

Join Our Writer’s Circle

Encourage employees to write about topics of workplace interest and get involved with Staff MMJ without leaving their desks. For each article submitted to our Writer’s Circle, users are taking action to apply an influential voice on an emerging professional field.

Want to learn more about employee engagement opportunities with Staff MMJ? Please contact April at [email protected].