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Do you want to register for budtending school? Are you looking for online courses? Maybe you are already a budtender searching for continued education and career advancement. The Staff MMJ budtending school, Herbal Risings, is a great resource for dispensary jobs. The cannabis industry is one of the fasted growing job markets in the country today. Are you the representative of a legal marijuana business? We can help you find the right candidate for your company! Register your business for free access to cannabis job seekers.

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Enroll in budtending school to get certified with Herbal Risings Cannabis Career College. Get insider information regarding dispensary operations. Engaging career training is available at your fingertips.

Budtender 101 – online course

Budtender 102 – online course

The Staff MMJ Budtending School introduces students to the Staff MMJ method of proper patient care.