Finding dispensary jobs is the easy part. Once you find a job description that matches your skills, you will need to make a resume to showcase your best qualifications.  A well-written resume is a necessity to get noticed and set yourself apart from other applicants. The perfect resume convinces your potential employer that you deserve an interview by highlighting your accomplishments and skill sets effectively.

How to Make a Resume for Dispensary Jobs

Your resume helps you connect with a dispensary and make the right first impression. A good resume helps you to land an interview and clear the first step in your budtending job.

Here are a few tips from the hiring recruiters at Staff MMJ.

1. Find the top three skills in the dispensary jobs’ description. Scan the description thoroughly. Next, compare those skills with your own listed on your resume. Once you discover the skills you’ve mastered, focus writing your resume around the achievements that you accomplished using those skills.

2. Eliminate irrelevant information from your resume. Dispensary jobs are some of the most coveted positions. On a slow day, a dispensary can receive in excess of 200 resumes a day! Hiring managers review your resume in a few seconds and toss your resume in the “call” or “do not call” stack. It is not common for hiring managers to read each resume line by line. If you include any useless information during your application process, the hiring manager will reject your resume. A hiring manager probably will not see value in your ability to flip burgers. However, your track record of multi-tasking is an important job requirement of dispensary jobs. See what we did there? The more relevant the skills in your resume, the quicker the dispensary will make a decision to interview you.

3. Self-promotion. Hundreds of people apply to dispensary jobs daily.  If you want to make an impact, then you must promote yourself effectively.  Include your work experience, background, skills, education/certificates, awards and accomplishments in a manner that sells you powerfully in the cannabis world. Show what you have achieved and tell what you can do for their dispensary.

4. Error-proofing and grammar check. Remember to review your resume for common mistakes. Proofread your resume for errors before you submit it to dispensary jobs.

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