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 Looking to break into the growing and blossoming Colorado Cannabis industry?!? Look no further as highmountains is your ‘Stepping Stone’ into the industry! We provide Cannabis jobs on all levels including:

– Trimming

– Budtending

– Edible Packaging

and More!

Please contact me at or or text or call…..(909) 494-2097

if you are interested in joining the Premier Colorado Cannabis Staffing agency!

    How to Apply

    Please contact me at  or email or call…. 909) 494-2097 if you are interested in becoming the newest team member here at high mountains We are always looking for reliable and motivated individuals!

    Job Categories: Dispensaries / Collectives and Featured.

    Job Types: Full time and part time

    location …colorado and California

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    This is the space where experience grows. Enhancing your development in the cannabis industry.

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