What is it with physicians who do not support the use of marijuana as medicine?

It’s so good for your body.

But they prescribe pills, which will need other pills to take care of the nasty side effects of those pills. Seems like an endless cycle of… pills?

It’s frustrating. Because they should get it by now, shouldn’t they?

It’s pretty straightforward. Marijuana is medicine.

You’re giving your all to a cause. You just want to help.

But then your inner activist comes out.

Should you say this? Should you talk about that? What can you do to make a difference?


Summary: Marihuana and Medicine is a comprehensive 826 page book compiled from over 100 leading researchers from around the world. Doctors and cannabis researchers will find this information comparable to a formal medical presentation on the topic of cannabis therapy versus pharmaceuticals. This book is ideal for medical professionals who wish to better understand the functional mechanics of medicinal treatments on the human body. 

Unlike most marijuana publications of its time which focus on politics of the plant, Marihuana and Medicine focuses on the effect medicine has on the human body. Physicians and medical students will appreciate the early technical explanations of analgesic relief within the body system. With a retail price tag just shy of $300, one might wonder what the fuss is all about. Before dabs and extractions became the ultimate medicine, we had to first understand how the components of cannabis work to trigger functions within the body. Favored by lawmakers and drug policy leaders, the topics lead the reader to believe marijuana severely impairs the mind, and causes toxic damages to internal organs.

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It may not be the book for everyone, but it is an important collection of data which shines a line on the modern history of marijuana as medicine.