I’m sure you have heard the name Morgan Freeman, he’s done quite a few projects. I think of him as God, Bruce Almighty anyone? He’s an actor, a narrator, plus he’s been in the business since the 60s! Well, that’s what his IMDB says anyways. In a recent video interview, Mr. Freeman told Larry King he doesn’t know much about marijuana strains as long as you say, it’s good– then he’s good. Morgan Freeman trusts your cannabis knowledge!

But Cannabis Education is super important! Imagine you are at a store; you’re getting some cough syrup to treat your cough. You don’t know the chemical difference between cough medicine and antidepressants. So you go in for something rather simple, and you end up with something completely different. Something similar with medical marijuana… You go in for something for pain, but you are sold something that will just get you high. Now that’s just a little bit of importance of knowing marijuana strains and their effects.

Indica is the “glued to the couch” feeling where you just want to sit and erase your thoughts. You will also probably feel very sleepy. Great for nighttime!

Then there is the “head high” which is sativas. You want to think about everything you never realized before. All the “smart” stuff. You find meaning in the little things you tend to overlook. You can call yourself an artist during this point, because you’re thinking like one! Since you’re thinking a lot, you will also have food on your mind. Such a stereotype. But what does that hunger actually mean? It’s a chemical signal being sent to your body telling you to eat. This may be an unwanted side effect to some people, this is a good signal for the human body to fire off. There are dozens of illnesses which cause someone to lose their appetite. For those people, appetite stimulation is super important!

Since Indicas make you sleepy, sativas will keep you awake. You will probably want sativas if you have a big day planned ahead, like, playing God or narrating the next major blockbuster– you are going to want to be awake, alert, and able to function like a human.

When the indica-effect is in action, that’s what gets your pain relieved. If it is too strong, your body is going to feel heavy and you are not going to feel as motivated to get up and going. This is not really recommended for a productive day.

A hybrid is a mix of the two types of marijuana, the indica and the Sativa. Hybrids will make you relaxed and focused, while relieving your pain.

Now onto, the Medical Marijuana strains. This is what dispensaries will give you to help your pain, Mr. Freeman.

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Working Professionals?

Marijuana can help professionals function better at work. If you have headaches the hybrid strains White Gold and Super Lemon Haze both great for this! These two strains have therapeutic benefits of both pain relief and energizing qualities. But, if you have headache induced by depression, you might want to try Blueberry (hybrid indica/sativa) and OG-18 (hybrid indica/sativa), both are known to help. If you are looking for some after-work pain relief, a heavy indica like Blackberry Kush might be the better option for killing off pain.

Have you heard of CBD or THC? Both of them work together to help the body function, and can really help with pain.
THC has the psychoactive effects, which cause your brain to send and receive messages differently. CBD does not interfere with brain chemicals, it does help with the pain for medical patients. While recreational users must hate this, doctors and patients adore these medicinal benefits! Some things CBD can help with are; nausea and vomiting, seizures, tumor and cancer cells, psychosis disorders, anxiety and depression disorders. However, without some THC, CBD may not work correctly. How confusing is that?

While THC, can have some weird side effects; such as hallucinations, changes of thinking, delusions, anxiety, and short-term memory recall problems. So again, both compounds work together FOR YOU!

There is so much more to learn, so study up and know what you are putting into your body!! Good marijuana isn’t just good versus bad weed. It’s about maximizing the efforts of the plant.

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