What is it with physicians who do not support the use of marijuana as medicine?

It’s so good for your body.

But they prescribe pills, which will need other pills to take care of the nasty side effects of those pills. Seems like an endless cycle of… pills?

It’s frustrating. Because they should get it by now, shouldn’t they?

It’s pretty straightforward. Marijuana is medicine.

You’re giving your all to your health. You just want to feel better.

Should you say this? Should you talk about that? What can you do to make your voice heard?

Speaking of Marijuana

At the Staff MMJ TerpU Campus in Arizona, outspoken congressional candidate Mikel Weisser talks to classes about the rapid-changes of cannabis. Using lots of sense of humor and vivid imagery, Mikel spins class participants through the twisting changes of cannabis throughout history– all the way up to the more recent discoveries of the functioning endocannabinoid system.

cannabis speakers

Every one knows cannabis affects the body in one way or another, but the obvious question is how to prove it is safer and less toxic than other medicines. Researchers and scientists around the globe are currently compiling supporting facts to help change laws governing the use of the plant. Lawmakers argue every reason to hold cannabis in it’s current Schedule 1 status– from failure to recognize legitimacy of research, to geography, to even suggesting morality as a reason to withholding the therapeutic benefits of marijuana medicine from those patients who need it most.

Technical advancements and creative innovations in the cannabis industry have already paved the way to scientific discoveries of cannabinoids. Mikel is also the director of NORML, and is a vivid and passionate speaker when talking about how cannabinoids like THC and CBD work together to repair and rebuild the body. Those who have been through the class gain a better understanding of how cannabis  works as a medicine. After sitting through a few classes myself, I was amazed to hear that people had never heard of CBD before.

The Future of Cannabis Medicine
What if the cure to cancer exists, but it’s being protected by the villains of the world? Sounds like the plot to every generic superhero movie. But just like any superhero movie, there’s hope. Now, more than ever, people are standing up for the medicinal plant. What if… What if we have the cure, (or at least a helpful preventative) but not enough people understand the genetics behind the plant? There’s a whole mess of science wrapped up within the politics. There’s a lot of questions, and not enough answers.

Jan 2016 - Patients, Dispensary and industry workers, Friends, and Family united to support patient rights
Jan 2016 – Patients, Dispensary and industry workers, Friends, and Family united to support patient rights

The medical cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. But it could be going faster. What’s the delay? Researchers are having a tough time staying in business due to research funding cutbacks. In 2014, Sue Sisley, psychiatrist and former University of Arizona clinical assistant professor, was fired after her PTSD study was approved by the NIDA. Researchers like Sisley cannot prove or disprove any medical theory supporting cannabis as a healthy treatment of medicine, without a proper facility to support the financial burdens of the studies.

Back to the original question. How do you talk to your doctor about cannabis? The answer gets a little tricky. Politics, law, morality, threats of losing their medical license — these are just some of the reasons your doctor might not wish to support your decision to medicate with weed. But why?

Unless you are seeing a naturopathic doctor, it may be very difficult to find a physician who supports your decision at all. Even if you do find one, their words about the actual use of cannabis medicine are going to be sparse. They don’t want to get fired or risk losing their license. And that’s sad. It’s your body and your health. You should be able to speak freely to your physician.

As cannabis continues to become more mainstream, we’re going to learn so many amazing things about this plant. Maybe one day, we’ll have the option to choose

What Can You Do?

Advocate for your own health. Get involved, and stay current through your own personal research and education.