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Staff MMJ has a large job search board  where you can search for marijuana jobs in the area, but we’re more than just a job board. We’re helping people change the way cannabis is viewed.

About Staff MMJ

We connect people to useful tools and resources for finding cultured opportunities in the cannabis industry. Through steady advancements, innovation, and customer care conveyed at each touch point, Staff MMJ helps talented people navigate through the new and exciting industry.


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About Staff MMJ

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About Staff MMJ CareersUnder managed supervision of, Net Tech Way llc and parent of Herbal Risings Enrichment Programs. Staff MMJ is a publishing and media company. Our canna-professional publication programs are accepted and recognized by dispensaries and cannabis companies in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Colorado and many others.



About Staff MMJ MembershipThe mission of Staff MMJ is to help people reach their ideal goals in the cannabis community. We strive to connect a diverse network of individuals and organizations to form  a community of knowledgeable professionals. Learn more about our memberships and programs.

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This is the space where experience grows. Enhancing your development in the cannabis industry.

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