Searching For Dispensary Jobs

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Although searching for dispensary jobs online can be easy, it can also be frustrating, and sometimes even tedious. In many cases, your search queries return irrelevant results and often be very hard to get responses to the appropriate jobs. Remember, you are not the only applicant. Dispensary hiring managers often miss your resume or toss it because of irrelevance.

How to Make a Resume – Dispensary Jobs

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Finding dispensary jobs is the easy part. Once you find a job description that matches your skills, you will need to make a resume to showcase your best qualifications.  A well-written resume is a necessity to get noticed and set yourself apart from other applicants. The perfect resume convinces your potential employer that you deserve an interview by highlighting your […]

A Look Back At Our Cannabis Job Fair

5 years ago, we held the cannabis job fair and Herbal Risings career class at the Windemere Hotel & Conference Center sponsored by Health 4 Life Dispensary. We were proud of the hotel for taking the journey with us. Cannabis was not as mainstream as it is today. Things were still quiet on the business […]

How Much Do Budtenders Make? What You Should Know

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How Much Do Budtenders Make? This is a fair question aspiring budtenders ask. They want to know how much they can expect to make if they choose to pursue a budtending job. When I first started in the industry, I had the same question. There was not a lot of information out there. The reason […]

How Training Can Change Your Business

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How Training Can Change Your Business If you are currently employed in the cannabis industry or actively looking to enter it, then dispensary training could be just what you have been searching for! The legal marijuana industry is not only booming across North America, but it’s also becoming a massive global sector with thousands of […]

Do You Want to Become A Certified Budtender?

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There are many ways to become a certified budtender, but I consider that taking a course online is the best. The cannabis industry has opened the gates for numerous job opportunities. A lot of job opportunities also implies that there is a lot of competition for it. To stand out amongst your competition, meaning the […]

Women in Cannabis – Story Two: Rebecca

For our Women in Cannabis segment, we’d like to tell you about Rebecca Calloway. She is someone I hear about frequently and her success story is worth a share. Rebecca is incredibly focused and hard-working. I sat down with her at the Herbal Risings campus and asked her to share some thoughts and views on the […]

After The Interview: Waiting To Hear Back

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When John Rathman applied for a budtender job in October, he had no idea it would almost a month after the interview to hear back from the hiring manager. After three weeks, a phone call came to invite him to his first interview. A second was scheduled within a day after his interview. Rathman was […]

A Budtender’s Pay: How Much Will You Make?

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For budtenders, making a living comes second. The most important thing about a budtender’s job is taking care of the customer – their satisfaction comes first! Caring for people is your passion, and the dispensary is the place to do it. But even the most gracious budtenders still need to make a living – and […]

Interview Question: Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

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Interview Question: Do You Have Any Questions For Me? Why Should I Work For You? AT THE INTERVIEW You got the elusive interview at the dispensary. You polished your resume. You dressed nice, and remembered the tiny details. You arrived on time. You’re sitting in front of the one persona that’s standing between you and […]

How Do You Distribute Your Resume To Potential Employers?

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Do you want to start a job search, but aren’t sure how to distribute your resume to cannabis employers?  How you apply for jobs depends on the type of position you are seeking, and how the company accepts submissions. At many employers, you’ll be able to apply online or email your resume. With others, especially for […]

Nevada Legalization Brings Jobs

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This weekend, Nevada officially joined four other states that allow people to purchase cannabis for adult use. An estimated $58,000 full-time jobs have been created by adult-use states, according to a recent Leafly study. Colorado has created over 23,000 jobs and Washington almost 23,000 jobs since legalization went into effect. Nevada’s legalization is expected to […]