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Staff MMJ is a member-based program representing marijuana industry professionals. Here are a few of the programs we offer.

What StaffMMJ.com offers

An online community for cannabis professionals– job board, resume listings, post a job, online courses, live seminars, and other marijuana jobs resources.

A good resume is a great way to stand out in a sea of applicants and land that interview. Work with a professional resume writer to create a new resume that grabs the attention of hiring managers.

Staff MMJ offers online courses and live seminars, and certificate classes. Get started today.

Industry enrichment programs. Marijuana jobs board. Read more about membership benefits. Staff MMJ is much more than job board. It is a group of professionals, leaders, enthusiasts, and patients here to collaborate and motivate the medical marijuana industry.

Enrich your knowledge in the medical marijuana industry, promote a professional cannabis community and empower yourself with a commitment to make a positive change towards your goal.

Instructor-led group classes focus on community spirit, professional growth, and interactive learning. Live class includes workbook and meal.

Staff MMJ offers a wide variety of opportunities for cannabis companies including sponsorships, advertising, and candidate referrals.

Enroll in budtender courses

Learning about marijuana jobs is as easy as logging into your computer. Now you can enroll in online budtender courses, earn a certificate and get access to StaffMMj.com. Get started now by browsing our online course catalog.

Staff MMJ – Endless potential.

This is the space where experience grows. Enhancing your development in the cannabis industry.

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