Most legal states require the budtender to:

Here are 5 reasons why you might be qualified to be a budtender

You can count money accurately. A qualified budtending candidate will have some cash-handling experience. Candidates with experience as retail cashiers, bartenders, and bank tellers tend to make great budtenders.

You’re motivated and competitive. If you have ever petitioned for a cause, or excelled in a team effort, budtending might be a great career path for you. Budtenders often compete with teammates for incentives and sales promotions. A good attitude regarding team spirit and rejection is required.

You are a science wiz. Whether you were top in your high school science club, or have a strong medical background- science enthusiasts will excel in a budtending position. Knowledge of anatomy, plant biology, human illness and diseases, or a background in chemistry are all beneficial backgrounds for budtenders. Make sure to build your resume around your science interests. If you need help, we can help you write your resume.

You are patient and compassionate. If you are the friend who everyone comes to for advice, budtending might be for you. With medical marijuana, you are often dealing with  patients who are sick or terminally ill. If you are able to listen to other people’s problems and are great at giving motivational advice, you should consider a career in the marijuana business. The industry needs people like you! A counselor, pastor, or former teacher make excellent budtenders.

You have excellent sales communications. Not to be misunderstood for the sneaky salesman, a budtender needs to have great communication skills. A budtender will demonstrate the ability to communicate the product efficiently to the patient or customer. Cellphone sales, perfume, and food servers often make great budtenders.

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