How Much Do Budtenders Make? What You Should Know

how much do budtenders make

How Much Do Budtenders Make? This is a fair question aspiring budtenders ask. They want to know how much they can expect to make if they choose to pursue a budtending job. When I first started in the industry, I had the same question. There was not a lot of information out there. The reason […]

Do You Want to Become A Certified Budtender?

budtender certificate

There are many ways to become a certified budtender, but I consider that taking a course online is the best. The cannabis industry has opened the gates for numerous job opportunities. A lot of job opportunities also implies that there is a lot of competition for it. To stand out amongst your competition, meaning the […]

Women in the Cannabis Industry Share Experiences | Story 1: Brittnie

work as budtender

Our first featured dispensary agent for the Women in the Cannabis Industry segment is Brittnie from HWC in Phoenix, Arizona. Before I chose to write this series, I started asking around, and began talking to people working in the industry. I noticed these people have strong emotional ties to cannabis.  I listened to these stories, and […]