A Look Back At Our Cannabis Job Fair

5 years ago, we held the cannabis job fair and Herbal Risings career class at the Windemere Hotel & Conference Center sponsored by Health 4 Life Dispensary. We were proud of the hotel for taking the journey with us. Cannabis was not as mainstream as it is today. Things were still quiet on the business […]

Women in the Cannabis Industry Share Experiences | Story 1: Brittnie

work as budtender

Our first featured dispensary agent for the Women in the Cannabis Industry segment is Brittnie from HWC in Phoenix, Arizona. Before I chose to write this series, I started asking around, and began talking to people working in the industry. I noticed these people have strong emotional ties to cannabis.  I listened to these stories, and […]

The Dispensary Employee: 10 Steps to Improve Morale at the Workplace

dispensary training

1.) Empower your dispensary employee with the right tools to make decisions within the jobs. When you’re asked to perform a task, would you rather do it in your own way, or the way someone else tells you to do it? Most people want to create their own way of doing things. Dispensary employee empowerment allows […]

Medical VS. Recreational: What’s it all mean?

mmj recreational or medical

Terms to know: Wax, shatter, crumble, vape, R.S.O., flower, hash, keif, concentrates, edibles, bong, rig, pen, pipe, co2, terpenes, oil, strains, indica, sativa, hybrid, ruderalis, hemp, thc, cbd. What are these things? How do you use them? There are so many more terms to know, these are just a few!  MEDICAL: Let’s start this off […]

Speaking of Medical Marijuana: For the health of it

health cannabis

What is it with physicians who do not support the use of marijuana as medicine? It’s so good for your body. But they prescribe pills, which will need other pills to take care of the nasty side effects of those pills. Seems like an endless cycle of… pills? It’s frustrating. Because they should get it by […]

Have a Marijuana Job Interview? Rethink Your Approach


Marijuana Job Interview Preparation Preparing for a marijuana job interview is much like preparing for a typical job, with a few important differences. The dispensary interview process can often seem an challenge that can turn you off applying in the first place. But that should not stop you from pursuing your cannabis ambitions. Not every marijuana job is advertised. You must keep your ear […]

Prepare Your Family For Your Dispensary Job

Families are the foundation for thriving civilizations, and strong communities are built by strong marriages. Consequently, working professionals need to challenge themselves to provide a more holistic approach for their lives.

Are You Too Private to be a Budtender?

budtending jobs

Are You Too Private to be a Budtender? The truth is a large number of jobs in the cannabis industry are public service jobs–reception, cashier, budtender.

How to properly store edibles this Halloween – Safety tips

Grown-ups enjoy Halloween just as much as kids. And who enjoys treats more than mmj patients and marijuana enthusiasts? Whether you get your treats from a dispensary or make your own, this Halloween, there are a few safety measures every responsible edibles enthusiast needs to remember. From ghastly ghosts and green-faced witches, the trick-or-treaters will […]